Jul 18, 2010


Agar anda berasa lebih yakin dengan produk dan bisnes yang ditawarkan oleh questnet, di sini saya paparkan perbezaan questnet dengan skim piramid/cepat kaya/scam/fraud.

1. QuestNet Malaysia delivers quality products and services

Unlike pyramid schemes, where you get no legitimate products or services for your initial investment, QuestNet Malaysia spends millions on research and development to create exclusive, innovative and high-quality products that are tailored to meet the lifestyle needs of people across the globe.

2. QuestNet Malaysia network marketers don’t earn commission through recruitment

Network marketers in QuestNet Malaysia don’t necessarily need to recruit new members to earn a commission, because the business is mainly structured to reward people for promoting its products. Commission is made from the sale of products by a networker, and the people within his/her network. Commission made through recruitment is not merely for the recruitment itself, but because there are products sold with every starter kit. In a pyramid scheme, there is no financial return unless you have successfully enrolled others into the company.

3. QuestNet Malaysia ensures a level playing field through its compensation plan

Most direct selling companies limit the number of people who can earn a commission off a sale, to make it a level playing field for everyone. On the other hand, a typical example of a pyramid scheme is where the Uplines make all the money, while the Downlines lag behind hopelessly because they were recruited much later.

4. QuestNet Malaysia gives their network marketers a return guarantee and does not allow product overloading

Legitimate direct selling companies allow distributors proper methods of dealing with inventory and do not encourage product overloading. They do not allow the excessive purchase of the company’s products for the purposes of the business opportunity it provides. This allows focus on proper networking and means distributors do not have to sell excessive products or worry over such inventory.

5. The QuestNet Malaysia opportunity isn’t a ‘get rich scheme’

Right from the start, most network marketing opportunities will promise you results and financial freedom only if you work hard, think smart and put in due effort to succeed. Any company that promises you an easy way to get rich is probably a scam.

6. The QuestNet Malaysia opportunity is supported by business tools

QuestNet Malaysia will help you keep track of your purchases, commission earnings and product delivery status while offering full customer support. Besides that, you will also receive regular product bulletins, marketing collateral and promotional offers to help boost your business and income.

7. The QuestNet Malaysia opportunity is supported by a solid training system

QuestNet Malaysia gives great importance to training its network marketers and boasts a large number of qualified trainers with knowledge and experience to help you better understand the business and products, and who have the ability to mentor and steer you in the direction of success.

8. QuestNet Malaysia has proper Policies and Procedures and ethical marketing codes

You can tell a legitimate network marketing opportunity from a pyramid scheme based on the fact that their business Policies & Procedures are clearly stated in black and white, binding every network marketer to strict regulations and agreements. Any serious breach of company codes, or Policies & Procedures will result in action being taken against those involved. Most direct selling companies believe in achieving strong long-term growth and stability by creating a culture of ethical marketing.

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