Dec 12, 2010


Have you heard of QuestNet? It is a multi-level marketing company that, according to the website, offers everyone a " opportunity to build a hassle-free and legitimate business". The way it works is that upon joining the company as an Independant Representative (IR), you are given a personal online store to distribute QuestNet's range of products - from jewellery and watches to collectible coins to holiday and wellness products. You then get a commission for every sale and also from the sales of your downline.

Questnet Scam Picture

Like most other MLM companies, there have been people who called QuestNet a scam or a fraud. Some were real IRs while there were others who automatically considered the company a fraud just because of QuestNet's business model - thanks to the general negative perception of the MLM industry. Reports in the newspapers about company employees being arrested and of political conspiracies only added fuel to the fire.

Is QuestNet Really A Scam?

If you only listened to one side of the story (i.e. the negative ones), you will definitely have a biased opinion about QuestNet, and very likely miss the golden opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur. So do both QuestNet and yourself a favour - read this Q&A with JR Mayer, MD of QuestNet, before making your conclusions...

1. Why do people always consider MLM companies as scammers?
"First and foremost, MLM is not illegal and MLM companies are not automatically scammers. The industry has just been tainted by some black sheeps and the misconception that MLM equals pyramid selling. A pyramid scheme is definitely illegal because it involves the exchange of money without any product or service being delivered. On the other hand, MLM is an efficient distribution model based on relationship selling and is used by even big insurance companies like Prudential and AIG. So instead of QuestNet setting up an office in every city around the world and running costly advertising campaigns, we engage IRs to distribute our high quality products and pay them commissions - everybody wins!"

2. Why have some people called QuestNet a fraud?
"Some IRs join QuestNet, thinking that they can make a lot of money automatically without doing anything. Unfortunately, our company does not run a get-rich-quick scheme and the IRs are expected to put in a fair bit of effort, at least at the initial stage, if they want to be successful - there is no free lunch in this world! Our sales proposition was never about making an obscene amount of money doing nothing, but to help budding entrepreneurs achieve financial independence with a low capital outlay. So if you're looking to get rich without lifting a finger, please look elsewhere because QuestNet is for honest, hard-working entrepreneurs."

"We're also aware that some IRs tend to mislead their prospects because they are eager to sign-up new downlines. QuestNet does not condone such practice and we have infact published an
Ethical Marketing Guideline and strict Code Of Ethics for all our IRs to abide by. We view the matter seriously and take immediate action against errant IRs who flout these basic rules. Unfortunately, it's not always easy because we have more than 2 million members in over 160 countries."

3. What about those bad press about QuestNet?
"We don't deny the reports in the newspapers. We get considerable attention from them and the articles are sometimes sensationalized because we are a significant player in the industry. The now famous case of our founder being arrested was a result of disgruntled ex-partners wielding their political clout because they wanted a share of the company's success. The bottom line is Mr. Vijay Eswaran was trialed and acquitted in the court of law because there was no case against him - something the newspapers didn't report because it probably doesn't sell as much as negative news."

4. So is QuestNet a scam?
Definely not. And if you're still not convinced, consider these facts:
- QuestNet has been around since 1998.
- Our network consist of over 2.5 million IRs worldwide.
- The company is part of a global MNC, which has interests in telecoms, radio stations, etc.
- We have the licenses from governments/authorities and a presence in 160 countries worldwide.

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