Dec 1, 2010


Many people are confusing about the two names , actually MLM and Network marketing are both same but theonly differnce is in the way they do the business

MLM means they pay you on a multi level , the market is based on Multi level unfortunitly most of home business today are based on this illegal scam market which known as a Pyramid

but what the hell is pyramid ? how do I know the company is legal or illegal ? pyramid or not?

here is the answer :Pyramid is when you get paid buy only joining people without selling any product to the person who joined, for example:

say person A pay $20 USD to join XYZ company , the only thing he will get is an ID number then he will tell person B to join, at this time the company will pay a commision to person A from that $20 been paid by person B and so on , there is no product just a money moving arround

Network Marketing is a group of people who currenlty enjoying a benefit of products offered by a network marketing company , they like the product alot that they like to recommend every one to use it.

from that idea the company will reward people who recommending their products to other people , its like recommending your friend to watch a movie that you saw last week but you dont get paid when your friend buy the ticket.

there is nothing wrong here of getting paid by marketing your company product .
since its the product that you use frequently so why not tell other to use it and if the product has helped you to improve your life why not help other to get the same result you have by using the same product . and since you are helping the company to get more customers why not the company help you by paying you commision on every product sold by your recommendation ,

its really ironic that people think network marketing is evil when they actually try to help and make other people life better buy offering them a great products and a great oppotunity

if you are in network marketing my advice to you is first to find some one who have the same problem as yours before you start using the product , if its work on you it will work on other person as well . tell that person how the product did help you then if that person want to buy then you can tell him how he can get the product for nothing by recommending other people about it

you can tell that network marketing is not a business of joining people, the company only pay you when someone buy the product and he has been recommended by you.

network marketing is about sharing the product that you use frequently with your family , friends , and other people , you want to tell them that the product has made your life better and it might ot might not work the same way to your firend but at least you tried to recommended them some thing good that will make their life better. Network marketing is not a scam , its like any other business in life, first you give then you shall recieve .

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